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12 May 2022 Swiss origin Calliopa Capital CEO Mr. Tobias Wagner, Member of the Board of Directors Mr. Frederick Stremme and head of Türkiye desk Mr. Abdurrahman Erzaim, AST drug owners from Türkiye, Alper Kapak and Starson Group A.Ş. CEO Bayram Yıldızoğlu is together at the cooperation dinner.


Despite the 2020 Pandemic, we continued our work abroad without a break. We made trips to Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. With our overseas solution partners, we have developed economic and commercial development and stability in line with the interests of our country.


A frame from the Dubai City Scape Fair held in September 2019. The doyen of the sector, Avi Alkaş, former Istanbul BB Secretary General Mesut Pektaş and Starson Group A.Ş CEO Bayram Yıldızoğlu came together and made evaluations.   

Cityscape Global Dubai Fair, which is held every year and lasts for three days; real estate developers, cities and regional authorities, real estate investors, financial advisors, banks, fund managers, financial institutions, investment companies, pension funds, REITs, venture capital firms, insurance companies, hedge funds, fund management companies, private companies and corporate with the participation of managers. At the fair, equity investors, asset management companies, architects, designers and urban planners showcase their products and services throughout the event. 

Information: “Cityscape Global Dubai is a Real Estate and investment fair held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Organized by Informa Exhibitions middle East, which has been taking place every three days since 2007, the International Cityscape Global Dubai fair brings together exhibitors and visitors from the banking, real estate and investment sectors. It includes real estate exhibitions, seminars and conferences throughout the fair and is held by real estate developers, investors, government representatives, consultants and architects. Cityscape Global is important because it is a trade fair for international investors, developers, architects and designers, government authorities, people involved in the design and construction of public and private real estate, and is the world's largest networking and property development conference. “


20 June 2017 Former Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and Chairman of the Board of Vakıfbank Att. Ismail Alptekin. We met with İsmail Alptekin and former Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Mesut Pektaş at dinner and consulted.




We had a Bosphorus cruise during the investment consultation and Istanbul presentation with Dr Hans Paul Ottmann, owner of Ottmann Property Networks. Gökhan Yıldız, DAP Yapı Business Development Manager, attended the visit that took place in July 2017. We talked about mutual cooperation in IstMarina AVM sales issues.


Kubilay Özbikletci, the investment manager of Union Investment, one of the largest funds in Germany, visited Turkey as our guest. During the visit in Istanbul in July 2017, we presented our projects to Mr. Kubilay Özbikletci. 

Union Investment About: Union Investment, headquartered in Frankfurt / Main, is the investment company of DZ Bank and is part of the cooperative finance group. Public funds are sold on the one hand through 875 Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken and on the other hand through the sales force of Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG.


February 26, 2019 He paid an inspection visit to Italy with the delegation headed by Mustafa Elitaş, Chairman of the Parliamentary Industry Commission. The Delegation, which includes the Parliamentary Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission and the OSBÜK Board of Directors; He held meetings in order to contribute to the economic relations between Italy and Turkey and to develop new collaborations through mutual experience sharing. Starson Gorup A.Ş. The CEO, Bayram Yıldızoğlu, is an expert who knows both the region and the companies. joined as 

In the delegation under the chairmanship of the Parliamentary Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission and AK Party Kayseri Deputy Mustafa Elitaş, the Commission Members; AK Party Zonguldak Deputy Ahmet Çolakoğlu, AK Party Samsun Deputy Fuat Köktaş, AK Party Istanbul Deputy Osman Boyraz, CHP Kocaeli Deputy Tahsin Tarhan, MHP Antalya Deputy Abdurrahman Chairman, Good Party Denizli Deputy Yasin Öztürk, OSBÜK President Memiş Kütükcü, Vice President Bekir Sütcü, Members of the Board of Directors Hakkı Attaroğlu, Adem Ceylan, Ömer Ünsal, Seyit Ardıç, Sabri Tekli, General Secretary V. Serkan Ata, Consultant Hülya Kömbe and Expert Osman Kocaman took part. In the program, the Governorship of Milan, the foreign investment of our country, Şişecam Flat Glass Italy Factory, Technology, Science and Innovation Center Technopark Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo, Milan Chamber of Commerce, Confindustria Chamber of Industry in Assolombar, AEREA Defense Industry that produces F-35 aircraft parts in Turate Industrial Zone. A visit was made to the SACMA Factory, whose factory is in Limbiate, which is among the top 3 in the world, producing the machinery of bolts, screws and various mechanical components. Hosted by Ozgur Uludüz, Consul General of Milan, meetings were held with Turkish business people, Turkish-Italian NGOs and Associations residing in Italy. Rome Ambassador Murat Salim Esenli and Vatican Ambassador Lütfullah Göktaş were visited by the representatives of the Italian Trade Agency (ICE), the Environment, Public Works and Public Affairs Commission of the Italian House of Representatives, the Italian Companies Abroad (SIMEST) and the Italian Export Credit Agency (SACE). Various meetings were also held. Evaluating the visits, OSBÜK President Memiş Kütükcü said that “OSBs are the most successful production project in Turkey” and that “As Turkish industry, they export to all over the world, including Italy” Kütükcü said, “By thanking the President of the Parliamentary Industry Commission Mustafa Elitaş and the deputies; He noted that they will carry out multi-faceted studies with our industry commission for the development of our country's industry in the next period. Stating that the meetings in which the economic relations of Turkey and Italy were discussed were very beneficial, Kütükcü said that mutual experience sharing and development and strengthening of new cooperations were the main objective during these visits. We realized the program with our delegation. We must make our companies in our production base OIZs compete with the world in line with the 2023 economic targets of our country. As a former OSB manager, I closely follow the work of OSBÜK. We will develop our cooperation with OSBÜK, which has become the common umbrella organization of all OIZs, and we will carry out various programs for our OIZs to reach international standards.” Stating that they had important contacts in Italy, Elitaş emphasized that they visited important industry and technology centers and companies that work in the field of science and technology, and stated that they invited Italian companies to invest in our OIZs.