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Starson Group A.Ş.

Starson Group A.Ş. was established in 2015 "to provide international services to investors who produce and develop in Turkey and companies who want to improve their trade volume". Starson Group A.Ş., born from 35 years of experience in various fields of domestic and international trade, aims to develop specialized solutions for companies. It provides added value through integrated services that make a difference through cooperation with international institutions, and advises companies on opening up to Europe and the world. Our services include planning strategic areas such as international start-ups, partnerships, subsidiaries, investors, funds, incentives, GYF, GDIF, tax management, customer and market strategy, sales and marketing management, process and organizational management of all areas that require experience and knowledge, such as business mergers and sales. In addition, as a full-service agency, we provide consulting services to companies, funds and institutions from Europe that want to invest in Turkey. Countries we serve: Switzerland, United Kingdom and EU (Germany)




We attach importance to deepening, focus and expertise along with creative thinking in all projects.

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