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As a company that has adopted the mission of being a bridge between Turkey and the EU in the globalizing world, we serve our valuable customers with our internationally experienced staff. We provide companies that have chosen to work with us with a strong system, a structure that is open to development, competitiveness, and a strong internationalization in terms of economy and finance.

Turkey's country risk premium evaluated by international rating tools is high. In the field of economy and trade for companies, new methods are applied to minimize or eliminate this risk, which is determined due to the geostrategic position of our country and the country management system. An example of this is to transform Turkish companies into European or Swiss companies after structuring and to increase the competitiveness of companies by providing funds at more affordable costs as companies located in those countries, and to benefit from global opportunities.

Different investment tools are also available to ensure the trust of international investors and to turn the profits they make into benefits at low cost. In 2012, in accordance with Turkish law, REIF and GDP were launched as a reliable investment tool. In this regard, we provide professional service to our customers by creating the entire system and managing the processes.