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    Lakeside Capital Partners works closely with strategic alliances in the Western European, United States and Eurasian markets, with a particular focus on Turkey. Through these alliances, management has a clear view of the local market and unhindered access to local markets, providing a solid foundation for sourcing and creating tailor-made financing solutions.


    Tippin Corporation is a Canadian company founded in 1996 to develop significant properties. The company is wholly owned by Tippin Holdings and has invested in seven countries on three continents. Since 2006 the company has focused on Central and Eastern Europe. In 2022, Starson Group A.Ş. A cooperation agreement has been signed with Turkey to evaluate the opportunities in Turkey.
    We believe that “architecture is a useful art” and address our instinctive desire for sensory stimulation, prestige and identity.
    We invest in capitals experiencing positive socio-economic change. The portfolio is located in Berlin, Budapest, Belgrade and Tbilisi.
    Since its establishment, the company has returned its investment 2.7 times without loss. The company co-invests in major projects with private equity, endowments and pension funds.