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Our company, Starson Yönetim Danışmanlık A.Ş., which we established in 2015 and accomplished important works in a short time. Dozens of companies, mostly EU, UK and Switzerland, have carried out their overseas structuring transactions with us. In the 21st century, as there is a more competitive environment in the national and international arena than ever before, companies need to be able to sustain this success as well as being successful. Strong financial resources, technology, human resources, raw materials, sales and marketing, purchasing, quality and management have to be sufficient. At the same time, it is necessary to choose the right partners and move forward in confidence. Foreign partnerships, long-term loans, grants and funds, international tax advantages, REIF, GIF, international company establishments/structuring require experience and professionalism. When we examine the global companies in the world today, we see that they have succeeded by using international financial resources. When we first started our working life in the 1990s, it was difficult to predict that computers, software and digital transformation would settle into our lives so quickly. Today; We integrate our work with many factors such as artificial intelligence and technologies, digital money and services, virtual assets, virtual stores and shopping malls, e-commerce, changing marketing methods, globalizing tax and automation systems, growing and even monopolizing capitals. we have to. Today, being "good" alone is not enough to be strong in competition and finance. Owners of international capital, funds and assets run some indispensable conditions in their grants, loans and supports. Information technologies, climate crisis, clean water, environmental approaches, food, processed good agricultural products) poverty reduction, gender equality and a sustainable development model. Projects that reduce the need for energy or encourage its effective use are supported by climate and nature friendly, environmental and social construction/industry/industry projects. How will all this technological development and environmental and humane approaches come together? Our experience shows us that companies with strong capital, full digitalization, social structuring and professional management will have a chance to compete in the next world. I believe that in the globalizing world, strong companies care more about knowledge, experience and trust as much as the need for capital of companies that want to expand their business among countries. Because cooperation in the world of trade is a companionship. People want to go on long journeys with people they trust and believe in experience. In the light of my years of experience, although the basis of trade seems to be finance, the main subject that requires sensitivity has always been relations based on trust, knowledge, experience and sincerity. I believe that we have designed a cooperation that started with confidence and continues successfully with my teammates and companies working with us over the past years. Since our establishment, we have worked with companies in many fields of trade, in different business lines. We continue to grow together with companies that still see the future and believe in change. From the first job of Starson Management Consulting, we have not looked at any of our jobs daily, we have always taken care to establish long-term and lasting relationships. Thanks to this meticulous attitude, our relations with most of our customers were not limited to a single transaction, but also enabled us to take part in their next projects almost every time. Starson Management Consulting Inc. I would like to express my gratitude to all our esteemed customers who believe that we, as their partners, will be here for many more years, just like them.

Bayram Yıldızoğlu
Chairman of the Board - CEO


Starson Group A.Ş.


Bayram Yıldızoğlu – FOUNDER – CEO


Bayram Yıldızoğlu completed his Marketing and Economic Information Systems studies in Darmstadt, Germany in 1988. He started his career as “Head of Network Services” at Datacom Service in Dreieich and Hessen. After that, he moved to Systeam GmbH in Langen as CFO of the data communication and information department that operated in the company until 2003. In the second part of his career, he started working as General Manager at ethnic marketing consulting company Pittler 55 GmbH. While working in this position, he worked as a consultant to Turkish State institutions in Germany. Helped Turkish organizations to negotiate efficiently with German Institutions. He was honored by the German National Assembly and the Turkish Parliament for his various works.

Since 2007, he has been working with companies in many different fields, from real estate, advanced technology, to textile, as an independent consultant in Turkey. He also provided internationalization consultancy to the OIZ Presidents.

Bayram Yıldızoğlu, with his insights in international trade and real estate, his experience in technology management and a wide network, helps different funds in their investments in Turkey. He is also a member of the Executive Board in different companies.

He completed his associate degree in Public Relations and Publicity and his undergraduate education in International Relations. He gained experience at many levels, starting his business life as an accounting and administrative assistant. In national and international companies; He worked in consultancy, project coordinator, sales and brand management as well as communication and planning departments. As the general director, he worked in business development, strategy management, planning, organization management, coordination, brand management, sales management, public relations and promotion, press and media consultancy. He still works as the General Coordinator at Starson Goroup A.Ş., and also provides consultancy to some companies and institutions.

He also worked simultaneously in the written and visual media in this process. He started his journalism career as a columnist in Çanakkale, the city where he was born and grew up. Later, he prepared Aegean and Marmara Region news for national publications. He worked as the Editor-in-Chief of the Kadınca Magazine and the Editor-in-Chief of the Seyahatname Magazine. Azura Nevs (Qatar) took part as both its partner and editor-in-chief. He served as a publishing consultant to many associations and institutions. Prepared and presented TV programs. He still continues his business conversations at St Industry Radio (Istanbul 105.8).



Born on 20.06.1978 in Elbistan, he completed his primary education in Elbistan and his secondary and high school education in Rize. He is a graduate of Istanbul University Faculty of Law and has been working as a freelance lawyer under the Istanbul Bar Association since 2004, after completing his internship at the Istanbul Bar Association. At the same time, he takes part in the management of many non-governmental institutions and organizations. He is married and father of 2 daughters. 



After serving in the public sector for five years, he worked as a Finance Manager at Kent Bank, Purchasing Director at CarrefourSA, Regional Manager at Kervan A.Ş., General Manager at Yatırım Barter, General Manager and Partner at TAMSA Seramik Tamser Dış Ticaret Ltd Şti. He worked as a General Manager of Turkish Investment HC Fund Broker, Commercial Bank & Hikmetoğlu Yatırım Group. He worked as a broker in many big companies in the real estate sector. Rönesans Construction Inc., Ofton Construction Inc., E 7 Yapı Group A.Ş., Sultanlar Tibet Food Construction Inc., Yazıcı Group, A.Ş. He provided consultancy services to important companies of the country such as Sönmezler Yapı Group, SİNPAŞ and Teknik Yapı. He still continues as Senior Advisor Real Estate at Starson Group A.Ş. 

Ali Keleş – Advisory Partner


Ali Keleş holds a master's degree in Dutch Law from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands. With nearly 20 years of experience in different business areas, he has gained significant expertise in asset management, corporate finance and strategic business development. He was the Consulting Partner of TransMatch Realty Advisors from 2007 to 2012 and served as the Co-founder and Managing Partner of TransMatch Capital Partners from 2012 to 2019. In August 2019, Lakeside Capital Partners was founded by Ali Keleş.

He has mentored and led numerous successful start-ups and growth. Currently, he is also active as a consultant and board member to various NGOs such as the Dutch Association for Institutional Art Collections and companies. The sectors it focuses on are finance, real estate, health, technology and renewable energy. As a philanthropist and art lover, he creates social impact through the Keles Foundation and the Lakeside Collection.

In addition, Starson Group A.Ş. in Turkey and Europe. As Advisory Partners, they work together successfully.  



Hakan Seyhan, born in 1966 in Munich-Germany, entered the business world at an early age by studying Medical-Technical Trader. He took part in the Swiss-based Burns & Gimble Consulting company. During the implementation of SEMIRAMIS Holiday Village in Güllük-Bodrum in 1990, he served as the deputy board of directors under the Swiss, Turkish and German partnership structure. In 1993, he founded his own company on the food trade in Munich. It has served large markets, catering companies and companies with a wide service network. In 1998, he made his way to Turkey, Africa, Arab countries and Europe for the purpose of trade and consultancy. Later, he started wholesale trade in the European market by renting large warehouses. It continues its trade with all European countries, especially Germany, and Turkey. Being one of the founding partners of SEYPOL, health tourism studies continue between HASE …… and Turkey Germany. 

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Feti Ozkan MADEN

He was born in 1974 in Elbistan Kahramanmaraş. He is a graduate of Haydarpaşa High School and Eşkişehir University. In 2002, he received the customs consultancy certificate. For 10 years, he served various corporate companies as the operations chief within the body of "Bor Customs Consultancy" within Borusan Holding. Since 2015, he has been providing Customs Brokerage Consultancy services.

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